Sanding Twigs Buckets
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Sold in a clear plastic bucket consisting of 300 assorted sanding twigs. DuraSand has developed two products specifically for the hobbyist. The items are called sanding twigs and sanding sticks. Both the twigs and the sticks are very popular items. They are used to get into hard to reach places. They are perfect to make those last finishing touches on that project that you have been working so long to perfect. They are finishing tools that can make the necessary adjustments to turn that flaw into flawless.

Now DuraSand LLC. is offering our ever famous Sanding Twigs in grit specific bags and buckets. Now you will know exactly what you are getting every time. We still offer the assorted bucket for those who need a variety. We are even color coding our items so it is easier for everyone to determine which grit is which. Exceptions are for assorted items only. Those grits will still vary and have no color code.

If the item is not assorted then:

Black will always be 80/80

Zebra or Grey will always be 100/180

Blue will always be 120/240

Pink will always be 280/320

We do not offer a yellow 240/240 in the Sanding Twigs but we do offer it in the Sanding Sticks if you prefer that grit.


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Sanding Twigs Bucket

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