Sanding Sticks
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Length is between 6-1/2" and 7" and about 3/4" wide. They are a great sanding tool used by anyone looking for a easy to use sanding tool. They are geat for harder to reach places. Use these sanding sticks on any material that needs sanding. Can be used on wood, ceramic, plastic, metal, foam, and much more.

These Sanding Sticks are two sided giving you even more materail to get the job done. They have a hard plastic core to give it strength as well as foam strips directly under the sand paper to give it a little cushion.

Now our favor Sanding Sticks are available in 5 grit specific varieties. Now you can choose exaclty how coarse the file is so you can get what you want every time. We even made them color coated so you will always know which one is which.

White will always be 80/80

Black will always be 100/180

Blue will always be 120/240

Pink will always be 280/320

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